Fort Collins’ population is largely made up of CSU students; and with college students, comes coffee, lots of it. Next time you’re wandering old town, or walking around campus, you’ll notice every other student holding a coffee mug and jittering while studying for their next test.

What the students aren’t thinking about (while stressing out about their test) is how their coffee was made.


Crooked Cup

The crooked cup is locally owned and operated. Their menu focuses on full on-site bakery and hot drinks. While they are not a place to have dinner, it’s a great place to stop by during a night out in Old Town to warm up with some caffeine before continuing on form more of the FoCo nightlife.

Locally sourced:crooked cup storefront

Crooked Cup provides a large selection of baked goods which are all made right in the back of the Old Town location. All of their delicious snacks are made with locally sourced ingredients and accompany a quiet study session or hanging out with friends perfectly. If you are a little hungrier, they also offer a nice selection of sandwiches for you to enjoy. 


Crooked Cup Snow

They are considered socially conscious and love to give back to the community, especially the Brazilian farmers they receive their 


coffee beans from. Their beans come straight from the Bahia region of Brazil, through the Panama canal, to California, where 


they are then brought to a local Fort Collins roastery. The average time from farm ground to cup is just 6 weeks, which is just about the freshest coffee you will find in NoCo.

Hidden Gem on Menu:

Crooked Pearl – A black tea latte mixed with lavender, almond, and white chocolate mocha syrups. A yummy refreshing drink for a cold day to lift your mood and surround yourself with this warm creamy drink.


Monday-Saturday: 7am – 6am

Sunday: 8am – 6pm

Google Rating: 4.5/5


Howling Cow


Locally sourced:

The Howling Cow is attached to the Morning Fresh Dairy, so as you would expect, all of their dairy is basically straight out of the cow. Incredible milks and creams are utilized in all of their dairy drinks.

Noosa Yoghurt sources a large amount of their dairy from Morning Fresh, so of course Howling Cow has an incredible Noosa Yoghurt selection. Over 20/30 different flavors! They also source all of their honey from Beeyond the Hive Honey.


Monday – Saturday: 7:00am to 5pm

Sunday: 9:00am to 5pm

Google Rating: 4.6/5



Mugs Downtowm
Downtown Location

Mugs was started in 2002 by one of Fort Collins very own Colorado State students. With two locations in the Old Town area, it is the perfect coffee for any Fort Collins Local.

Their main goal is to create a locally sourced, community atmosphere oriented coffee shop that brings locals of Fort Collins together. Not only can you get a high quality cup of coffee, you can also find a wide range of locally sourced breakfast foods. 

Locally sourced:

Not only has Mugs created the reputation of being one of the best coffee shops in Fort Collins, they did it while locally sourcing almost their entire menu.

  • Mugs obtains over 85% of their products through locally sourced products, homegrown, or organic products.
  • All products are sourced through LoCo foods if possible. (Locally sourced food group).
  • Grown some of their own ingredients as well.
  • Dairy is sourced by Good Grins farms, a local Fort Collins farm.
  • Gives compost to local partnered farms to help grow their fresh produce.

Hidden Gem on Menu: McCabes drink

Mugs Menu

Coffee menu
Mug’s Drink Menu
Permission from Mugs facebook
Breakfast and Lunch Menu



Book your next business meeting at the Downtown location. With an entire basement conference room, Mugs will cater your meeting and create the bets possible atmosphere for your business partners!

Mugs at the Oval Mugs Downtown
Monday-Thursday: 6AM-10PM

Friday: 6AM-6PM

Saturday: 7AM-6PM

Sunday: 7AM-10PM

Monday-Sunday: 6AM-9PM

Google Rating: 4.6/5

Jackie’s Java


Jackie’s roasts its own coffee using beans shipped directly from individual coffee farmers in Colombia, Brazil, Indonesia, and other countries. By cutting out the middleman and buying directly from farmers, Jackie’s can ensure the quality of their products while the farmers they work with can get a bigger cut of money to keep making growing more coffee for Jackie and other roasters.   


Their roasts feature organic, single origin, decaf, Keurig cups, and a wide spectrum of dark, light, and espresso roasts. They even sell specialty Colorado Blend roasts such as Above Treeline Blend and Rocky Mountain Blend.

Jackie’s organic blends are fair trade and grown without the use of pesticides and other chemicals, and come in a range of roast types and varieties. Jackie’s single origin roasts are as fair trade as you can get – every year, Jackie herself travels to various countries to visit local coffee farmers and buy beans from them to take home and roast.  

Hidden Gem on Menu:

Unleash your sweet tooth with Jackie’s Boston Cream Pie blend. A shop favorite, this blend will help get your morning off to the right start. You can buy it as a standard 12 oz bag for $12 or you can really give in to your sweet temptations and get a 5 pound package for $60 and be set for a while.  


You can find bags of Jackie’s Java whole beans and roasts in Safeway’s across Northern Colorado, as well as at their showroom in Fort Collins, or you can order it online. Their showroom, located at 309 S Summit View Dr #14 just off of Mulberry and Timberline, is open weekdays from 9am-6pm.


Cuppy’s Coffee Shop

If you are looking for a relaxing atmosphere filled with positive people, then Cuppy’s Coffee is the place for you. They are a locally owned coffee shop right off of College Avenue and Drake Road. With everything from lunch specials, smoothies, coffee, tea and snacks, this place has a menu with it all.

Locally sourced:

Cuppy’s partners with many locally owned business to help support small business with small business. They get their dairy products from Morning Fresh Dairy Farms, located in Bellvue, Colorado, their breakfast burritos come from a locally owned company called Burrito Kitchen and their gluten free products come from Outrageous Baking. Both Burrito Kitchen and Outrageous Baking are located in Longmont, Colorado and have become popular brands among locals.

Cuppy’s also reaches out to other business’ throughout the country for support. To find a list of the brands they use, click here.



Caffe D’arte is the brand used to make Cuppy’s coffee and espresso beverages. Caffee D’arte is located in Seattle, Washington and 

uses a wood-oven to roast their coffee to perfection. This technique, which originated in Naples, Italy gives their coffee it’s unique and bold flavor.

Hidden Gem on Menu:

Maple Donut Latte — This drink, while it may not be a secret anymore, has become one of Cuppy’s best selling lattes. It is made to ensure you are able to stay warm in the cool, breezy air. Substitute in almond milk to make the drink a little sweeter and you will fall in love with this delicious beverage.


Monday-Friday: 6:30am-7:00pm

Saturday & Sunday: 8am-4pm

Google Rating: 4.7/5 Stars



Ku Cha House of Tea

If Coffee isn’t your cup of tea, then maybe tea is. Lucky for you, Old Town Fort Collins is home to several unique tea shops. Ku Cha House of Tea is one of the most popular choices for locals and tourists. This shop has a considerable variety of tea leaves from around the world, and each with its own taste and purpose.

Locally Sourced:

While many tea leaves are imported from around the world, certain blends are made in shop and are packaged with their own design. You can also grab a hot or cold tea to go from their in store counter. If you aren’t much of  a tea person, but still want to give it a try, ask the staff and they’ll give you some of their top picks.

Hidden Gem:

Tea flight – make sure to ask the Staff about it because this is a very hidden portion of the menu.

Google Rating: 4.6/5


Tea is considered a healthy alternative to coffee because of its ability to boost your immune system, reduce risk of cancer, and increase the body’s ability to burn fat. And for you students, don’t worry. You can still find a tea with enough caffeine to get you through finals.





“Drink your milk and you’ll grow up to be big and strong.”

Do you remember your mother telling you this as a kid, I know I do. Fort Collins has quite a few dairy farms, what good is a dairy farm if you don’t have a few cows. Three Bells Dairy and Morning Fresh Dairy are some of the more established dairy farms that call Fort Collins home.


Three Bells Dairy

Three Bells Dairy has just a few cows that have been producing delicious, creamy, high fat milk for years. Each of their cows is tested regularly to ensure that their milk is of the highest quality and samples are even sent to the CSU Diagnostic Medical Labs on a regular basis. Three Bells is locally owned and operated by Colorado State University Alumni who want to deliver nothing but the best dairy products to their hometown.

Locally Sourced:

Three Bells operates on 35 acres of land in Northern Colorado. Since their inception, they have been providing goods and services to many residents in the Fort Collins area.

Google Rating: 5/5


Morning Fresh Dairy

Morning Fresh Dairy has been around since 1894 and has had time to learn what it takes to satisfy their customers. Along with an on site, coffee and dairy shop, Morning Fresh offers a truly unique home milk delivery service. If you are a Fort Collins local, a CSU student, or just visiting, this something that is a must.

The Farm Fresh Fort Collins team had an opportunity to visit this dairy farm first hand. All agreed that their drink selection was superb. Take home a half gallon or a full gallon of fresh 1 percent, 2 percent, whole milk, or chocolate milk.

Locally Sourced:

All cows are milked on site at the Morning Fresh Dairy and are bottled immediately for consumption. Lucky for us locals, we can grab a fresh gallon of milk right from their shop.

Hidden Gem on Menu:

Root Beer float milk


Monday-Saturday: 10am-5pm


Google Rating: 4.5/5


No matter what your taste, you’ll definitely find a drink that you can enjoy somewhere in Fort Collins. Each shop offers something unique and you can certainly find something that will fit your mood.  If you’re wandering through old town or want to find something a little more formal, we got something for you.


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