We are a group of five “elite” (not really) college students destined to get an “A” in our digital marketing class. We study at CSU and write to help students get the most out of their Fort Collins experience.

Megan Jordan

Hi Farm Fresh Fam! My name is Megan Jordan and I am a student at Colorado State University, studying marketing and sports management. I am a Colorado native, but my family roots are in Wisconsin. Running through the Wisconsin corn fields every summer has inspired me to find new ways of incorporating farm fresh food into my daily diet as a college student!

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Kenneth Rathmann

  • Zombie Rights Activist
  • Olympic Flappy Bird Gold Medalist
  • Former Clown Wrestler
  • Star Wars Conspiracy Peddler
  • Not An Alien

Max Fischer

“You’ve accidentally given me the food my food eats.”

-Ron Swanson

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